#Top Tips Tuesday

Top Tips for Delegation


WHY is the task needed?
  • Why is the task being delegated? Check that it is appropriate to delegate e.g. some decisions shouldn’t be
  • Where does it fit into the bigger picture?
  • What is the impact of the task?
  • What is its relative importance?
WHAT does the task involve?
  • Be clear about what the task is and the results you expect.
WHEN does the task need to be completed by?
  • Give realistic deadlines. Make sure you take into account their current workload and their ability to perform the task.
WHERE is the task to be completed?
  • e.g. at the desk, meetings with others
WHO is responsible?
  • There are different levels of responsibility that you can give individuals depending on for example their experience, time in the organisation, nature of the task.
HOW is the task to be performed?
  • Be clear on the approach to the piece of work (if it is up to them to decide how to approach the task, let them know that!)
  • Be clear what support/training they can get
  • Be clear with when they can access you for support.
  • Determine how the task will be monitored and evaluated

More tips:

  • Accept that mistakes will be made and make sure you are monitoring the task enough to ensure that mistakes are limited
  • Be assertive – don’t allow the problem to be delegated back to you.
  • Be supportive
  • Make sure the task is AGREED
  • Make sure the person has understood the task – ask the right questions to check for understanding
    • e.g. instead of “Do you understand?”  ask “Please explain to me what you need to do for this task, step-by-step.”

Over to You: Release Your Potential!


These are my thoughts and perspectives (I’m not necessary right or wrong, simply starting a conversation).

So, what about your thoughts?

I’d love to hear your reflections, gut reactions, perceptions, experiences and wisdom.

Do any of these things ring true for you and can you see yourself putting these ideas into action?

What would it look, sound and feel like (for you and others), if you put some of these tips into action?

What barriers might you come against when putting these tips into practice? How might you overcome them?

Who could give you support and how?

Have you tried them out and, if so, what have you learned?

Remember that sharing our experiences can help others, so your comments are always welcome.

Thanks, in advance, for adding to the conversation.

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