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Top Tips for Acknowledging and Managing Feelings

Some of you may have watched the first part of my Being Kind to Yourself presentation as part of the #espressoexpress learning support from Directory of Social Change.

I call this the “spider’s web of feelings”.

A spider’s web can be simultaneously be strong, weak and complex.

During the current Coronavirus crisis, it is natural for many of us to experience a range of complex feelings.

The presentation discusses this in more detail. If you haven’t seen it, simply follow this link::


Here are some simple Top Tips for Acknowledging and Managing Feelings during these unprecedented times as we face exceptional levels of change.

  1. Acknowledge your feelings (there are no right or wrong feelings)
  2. Be aware of ‘what if’ thinking (this can be creative, whilst it can also lead to unhelpful types of thinking such as catastrophising)
  3. Be aware of unhelpful types of thinking
  4. Be kind to yourself – avoid beating yourself up for your feelings
  5. Keep a feelings journal
  6. Limit your exposure to news items about Coronavirus
  7. Limit your use of social media
  8. Listen to calming music – e.g. brain-friend music – there will be a link to this on the handout that accompany this session
  9. Reframe any thoughts that are unhelp
  10. Talk to someone you trust

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but ones most responsive to change.”   James Thurber



These are my thoughts and perspectives (I’m not necessary right or wrong, simply starting a conversation).

So, what about your thoughts?

  • I’d love to hear your thoughts, reflections, gut reactions, perceptions, experiences and wisdom.
  • Do any of these things ring true for you and can you see yourself putting these into action?
  • What would it looksound and feel like (for you and others), if you put some of these tips into action?
  • What barriers might you come against when putting these tips/ideas into practice? How might you overcome them?
  • Who could give you support and how?
  • Have you tried these tips and ideas out and, if so, what have you learned?

Remember that sharing our experiences can help others, so your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

Thanks, in advance, for adding to the conversation.

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