I attempt to bring a solution-focussed approach to consultancy work I undertake.

Connecting people, ideas and releasing potential to find solutions to issues or simply supporting charities and organisations to celebrate their achievements through independent evaluation and identifying new opportunities for development.

Recent consultancy work has included:

  • Evaluation of projects and services
  • Dementia Care Mapping (DCM)
  • Environmental assessments for dementia-friendly care settings
  • Developing partnership working and positive relationships
  • Published materials

Opening Doors

In partnership with my colleague Sally Knocker, I undertook the independent evaluation of Opening Doors London – an Age UK project supporting older LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people) funded by the National Lottery.

This two year evaluation of the project involved running a number of consultation events, focus groups, interviews and surveys to assess the impact of the project.

Following the evaluation, Opening Doors London has expanded across the capital and has been successful in securing additional funding. The evaluation was also able to evidence a number of issues affecting this particular section of the community and raise awareness.

Further details can be accessed via their website.

Dementia Care Mapping

As a qualified Dementia Care Mapper, I have been involved in observing the experience of many people living with dementia in care settings. This observational tool provides a unique insight into the experience of the person with dementia and how their well-being can be improved.

The process involves a solutions-based approach to supporting care-settings to identify how care, meaningful occupation and a whole-systems approach can be adapted to enhance the physical and emotional health of people with dementia.

My Home Life

On behalf of Dementia UK and My Home Life, I have led the community development strand of My Home Life London – a partnership between several local authorities based in London and care home managers.

The community development strand aims to bring together care homes, local authorities and other partners in order to identify key issues affecting quality of life in care homes and, through Appreciative Inquiry, develop local solutions and initiatives to improve care standards.

Published Materials

Throughout my career, I have also been involved in developing information resources, policies and strategies (including contributing to the Camden Social Services internal communication strategy).

Whilst at Terrence Higgins Trust it was my role to translate complex scientific information into an accessible format through publications and leaflets. More recently, I have been involved in writing a number of evaluation reports and literature about older LGBT issues.

I have also contributed to several ‘Speed Read’ resources published by the Dirctory of Social Change.