Having worked in community development, regeneration and several other roles, I have experience of various facilitation techniques.

These techniques include:

  • Action Learning Sets
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Facilitating conference workshops
  • Focus Groups
  • Forum Theatre
  • Participatory Appraisal
  • Planning for Real
  • World Café

Examples of past and recent facilitation work include:

  • Appreciative Inquiry events and liaison between care homes and local authorities on behalf of My Home Life – a UK-wide collaborative initiative aimed at promoting quality of life in care homes.
  • Bringing together diverse stake-holder groups – e.g. local authority, NHS trusts, police and voluntary sector as part of Neighbourhood Renewal and community engagement.
  • Conference Workshops and masterclasses at DSC including charityfair, Winterfair, Managementfair and Charity Accountants Conference etc.
  • Creative consultation workshops with youth groups
  • Drama workshops (including the use of Forum Theatre with a group of people with mental health issues) to encourage social inclusion.
  • Sexual health and mental health programmes and sessions on self-management for those living with long-term medical conditions.
  • Team-building away-days and strategic planning sessions
  • Workshops/events to engage hard-to-reach communities, including a week-long primary school project using photography and model-making.