My Training Ethos and Philosophy

I believe that people learn best when they feel safe to explore and develop their potential – interactive learning should be:

  • Energising
  • Person-centred
  • Positive
  • Respectful
  • Solution-focussed

My philosophy about learning and development is that it should validate and build upon participants’ existing knowledge, skills and strengths and support them to develop their confidence in order to create real change in the world.

The days of ‘chalk and talk,’ or ‘pour and snore,’ training are no longer appropriate. Adults don’t learn and retain information from training that is obsessed on ‘fixing them’ or focussed on how much of an ‘expert’ the trainer is.

Adults learn best through interaction and doing; learning from themselves and their fellow participants – in other words, from a learner-centred, rather than trainer-centred approach.

I use a range of interactive training techniques which are built upon adult learning principles, brain-friendly and accelerated learning.

This means that my training style and the learning and development solutions I deliver are vibrant, engaging, and dynamic whilst appealing to all preferred learning styles. I aim to offer a fresh perspective and provide a learning environment that is:

  • Accessible
  • Experiential
  • Flexible
  • Fun
  • Interactive